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Pioneer’s Tennis Development Program is aimed at ensuring juniors get the best out of their tennis and aspire to take their tennis to the next level.  The program in total has 40+ juniors in the structure, all helping each other strive to be their very best.


Our coaches have a vast amount of professional experience and have coached a number of juniors to go onto a State level and in some cases, become National champions.  Our very own Allan Harris coached Australian women’s player and now Australian Head of Women’s Tennis and Fed Cup Coach, Nicole Pratt.


Juniors deemed ready to step into the JDS squad are required to:

  • Train once a week;

  • Take part in weekly fixtures;

  • Travel away to selected tournaments; and

  • Qualify for the JDS regional finals.


When juniors are ready to make the step up to the Next Gen squad, they are required to:

  • Train up to twice a week;

  • Take part in weekly fixtures;

  • Travel to tournaments (intrastate and interstate);

  • Achieve an Australian Ranking and improve on this each year.


At the forefront of Pioneer Tennis’s culture is its Code of Conduct, ensuring its players, parents and supporters all work together to produce a positive and fun environment for everyone to enjoy the game of tennis.