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Ace the Loot 

Pioneer Tennis believes in rewarding our members for their support and so we developed a members draw which picks a random membership by number.  If you have booked online and hired the court during the week leading into draw, you will receive the nominated jackpot as to your level of membership.  

The Jackpot rises each and every week by $30 until it goes off. 


  • If you hold a 24/7 Membership  you are entitled to 100% of the Jackpot. 

  • If you hold a VIP Membership you are entitled to 70% of the Jackpot. 

  • If you hold a Pioneer Tennis Membership ( FREE) you are entitled to 50% of the Jackpot. 

Each and every week on Monday, the club conducts a random computer generated draw to pick one of its members to win whatever the jackpot is up to in our Ace the Loot Campaign.  

The number who won or missed the jackpot is always published on our Facebook page and recorded up on our notice board to ensure it is open and transparent. 

It is as easy as going to the front page of our website and looking up to the right hand corner and proceeding to follow the steps.  

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